International Display Workshops Incorporated Association

10:40 AM - 1:10 PM

[OLEDp1-2] A 14-inch Foldable OLED Display with Excellent Optical and Mechanical Performances

Bing Zhang1, *Puyu Qi1, Zhiqiang Wang1, Yanping Ren1, Zhengde Lai1, Zhongjie Wang1, Suncun Li1, Zhongliu Yang1, Xuan Luo1, Ping Luo1, Shanghong Li1, Yudan Shui1, Mengyue Fan1, Yue Tian1, Youxiong Feng1 (1. BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. (China))

AMOLED, Flexible, Foldable, Full color space coverage

A 14-inch WQHD foldable AMOLED display was developed with superior optical and mechanical performances. High Adobe and DCI-P3 color space coverage indicates its excellent color expression capacity. No obvious optical and structural degradation could be detected after 240h static and 100,000 times dynamic bending tests.