International Display Workshops Incorporated Association

10:40 AM - 1:10 PM

[OLEDp1-6] Analysis of Semi-Transparent Cathode Performance Based on Fabrication Methods

*Haewon Kim1, Hai Xu1, Xiaoning Liu1, Wenbin Jia1, Yuan Can1, Huaiting Shih1 (1. Hefei BOE Joint, BOE Technology Group Co., LTD (China))

OLED, Top Emission, Semi-transparent Cathode

By studying the transmittance rates and transmittance non-uniformity characteristics of various types of semi-transparent metal cathode within the visible light range and found that each performance varied according to the composition ratio, deposition rate and surface condition of alloy. These results suggest that the manufacturing method of semi-transparent metal cathode affects the performance and luminance imbalance of top emissive OLED TVs, and so on.