International Display Workshops Incorporated Association

10:40 AM - 11:00 AM

[PH1-1(Invited)] Discovery of novel nitride phosphors by high throughput calculation

*Rong-Jun Xie1, Shuxing Li1, Zhenbin Wang2, Shyue Ping Ong2 (1. Xiamen University (China), 2. University of California, San Diego (United States of America))

phosphor, white LEDs, high throughput calculation

Discovery of new phosphors with interesting properties is driven by rapid advances in lighting and displays. In this paper, we screened and searched for a super-broadband phosphor Sr2AlSi2NO6:Eu2+ by using high throughput calculations. The emission of the phosphor covered the whole range of the visible light, enabling to create super-high color rendition white light when pumped by a UV-LED chip.