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10:40 AM - 1:10 PM

[PHp1-6L] Preparation of Mn Doped Mg2TiO4 Deep Red Emitting Phosphor by Liquid Phase Synthesis

*Keisuke Warita1, Hiroko Kominami1, Yoichiro Nakanishi1, Kazuhiko Hara1 (1. Shizuoka University (Japan))

Liquid Phase Synthesis, Deep Red Emission, Mg2TiO4:Mn

Mg2TiO4:Mn deep red emitting phosphor was synthesized by a liquid phase synthesis using urea and PEG. The inhomogeneous and agglomeration of the particle decreased, and fine particle phosphor was obtained. Mg2TiO4 phase was preferentially formed and observed at 658 nm and 670 nm under 450 nm excitation.