International Display Workshops Incorporated Association

11:00 AM - 11:20 AM

[PRJ5-2(Invited)] Laser Crystal Phosphor Automobile Headlight Integrated with Beam Control and LiDAR

*Y. P. Chang1,2, Alan Wang1, Wood-Hi Cheng2, Kenneth Li3 (1. Taiwan Color Optics, Inc. (Taiwan), 2. National Chun Hsing University (Taiwan), 3. Optonomous Technologies Inc. (United States of America))

Intelligent Headlight, Crystal Phosphor, DMD, LiDAR, Autonomous vehicles

This paper describes the development of high performance crystal phosphor with applications to automobile headlights, smart headlights, and LiDAR such that many limitations are eliminated and through integration, which could lower the cost of the system. A patent pending design of a smart headlight integrated with a LiDAR sensor using a single DMD will be described.