International Display Workshops General Incorporated Association

1:20 PM - 1:40 PM

[LCT1-1(Invited)] Slippery Interface -Mechanism and Physical Properties-

*Jun Yamamoto1,2, Hirotsugu Kikuchi2,3, Takeaki Araki1,2, Isa Nishiyama4,2, Kiyoshi Minoura5,2 (1. Kyoto University (Japan), 2. JST CREST (Japan), 3. Kyushu University (Japan), 4. DIC (Japan), 5. Sharp (Japan))

Slippery Interface, Lubrication, Low voltage driven

We have invented the new principle to produce the slippery interfaces on the glass or plastic substrates. Anchoring energy and viscosity of surface director can be evaluated from the motion of the surface director under rotational magnetic field. Poly-ethylene Glycol (PEG)-Gel surface shows “weak and lubricated” slippery interface which is good character for the new mode of liquid crystal display (LCD).