International Display Workshops General Incorporated Association

1:40 PM - 2:00 PM

[PRJ3/FMC2-3] A Compact Full-color Laser Beam Scanning Image Projector Based on a Waveguide-type RGB Combiner

*Akira Nakao1, Shoji Yamada1, Toshio Katsuyama1, Osamu Kawasaki2, Kazuki Iwabata2, Koichi Horii2, Akira Himeno1,2 (1. University of Fukui(Japan), 2. SEIREN KST Corp.(Japan))

Laser, Projector, Waveguide, Combiner, Eyewear

A packaged RGB laser module is demonstrated. Its size reaches as small as 8x4x3 mm. A compact RGB laser scanning module is also demonstrated. Since the modules are based on the waveguide-type combiner, each combined output beam is perfectly aligned. Clear full-color high-definition video images are obtained by using them.