International Display Workshops General Incorporated Association

1:50 PM - 2:10 PM

[FMC5-2] Zr-doped Silica-based Planar Lightwave Circuits with High Resistance Against Blue Light

*Yuji Fujiwara1, Junji Sakamoto1, Toshikazu Hashimoto1, Kei Watanabe1 (1.NTT Corporation (Japan))

Planer lightwave circuits, Smart glass, Zirconium oxide

To expand applications of PLCs, we investigated the resistance of Zr-doped PLCs against high-power blue laser light. Zr-doped PLCs showed effective refractive index change of less than 1/10 of that of conventional PLCs. It is small enough for practical use, which requires over 10 mW blue light.