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9:20 AM - 9:40 AM

[VHF2-2] Measurement Method for Color Capturing Accuracy of Cameras Particularly for High-Fidelity Color Imaging System

*Yuzo Hisatake1, Hitoshi Suzuki2, Osamu Ozawa3, Yoshifumi Shimodaira1 (1.Shizuoka University (Japan), 2.Nobuo Electric Inc. (Japan), 3.Papalab Ltd. (Japan))

Color Capturing, Accuracy, High-Fidelity Color Imaging System, Standardization, PLES

We have developed measurement methods for fidelity color reproduction with as High-Fidelity Color Imaging System (HFCS) using Programmable Light Emission System, and image color conversion method for the HFCS. This paper introduces our objects and background, technical explanation, and their results.