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[2P-432] Analysis of expression of nur77 family genes during neurite outgrowth induced by Forskolin and HDAC inhibitor in PC12 cells

Tomioka Takuma1,2, Tsumura Kazaho1, Nisihata Yosiki1, Morita Yuki2, Yamazoe Ryosuke1, Maruoka Hiroki3, Ikeuchi Toshihiko2, Shimoke Koji2 (1.Grad. Sch. of Sci. and Tech., Kansai Univ.,, 2.Dept.Life Sci. and Biotech., Fac. Chem. Mat. Bioengin., Kansai Univ.,, 3.Tech. Res. Lab., KURABO)

神経細胞分化, エピジェネティクス, immediate early genes, HDAC阻害剤

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