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[2P-436] Neuronal Ca2+ sensor-1 (NCS-1) contributes to spatial learning and memory in mice

Nakamura-Nishitani Tomoe Y1, Nakao Shu1, Nakajo Yukako2, Takahashi Jun C.3, Wakabayashi Shigeo1,4, Yanamoto Hiroji2 (1.Dept.of Mol.Physiol.,Natl.Cer.Cardiovasc.Ctr., 2.Lab.of Neurol.&Neurosurg.,Natl.Cer.Cardiovasc.Ctr., 3.Dept.of Neurosurg.,Natl.Cer.Cardiovasc.Ctr.,, 4.Dept.of Cardiac Physiol.,Natl.Cer.Cardiovasc.Ctr.)

カルシウムセンサー, 空間記憶, NCS-1

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