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[1LBA-021] Genome-wide survey and discovery of the new endogenous viral elements in the human genome

〇Shohei Kojima1,2, Shuichi Kawano3, Jumpei Ito4,5, So Nakagawa6, Masayuki Horie1,7, Keizo Tomonaga1,2,8 (1.Lab of RNA Viruses, inFront, Kyoto Univ, 2.Grad Sch of Biostudies, Kyoto Univ, 3.Dept of Computer and Network Engineering, Univ of Electro-Communications, 4.Lab of Systems Virology, Inst of Med Sci, Uinv of Tokyo, 5.Lab of Systems Virology, inFront, Kyoto Univ, 6.Dept of Mol Lif Sci, Tokai Univ Sch of Med, 7.Hakubi Proj, Kyoto Univ, 8.Lab of Mol Virol, Grad Sch of Med, Kyoto Univ)

Endogenous viral elements, Machine learning, Human genome, Bornaviruses

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