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[1PW2-05-3(2P-0417)] Hormonal Control of Cardiac Regenerative Potential in Vertebrates

〇Kentaro Hirose1, Alexander Y Payumo1, Stephen Cutie1, Alison Hoang1, Hao Zhang1, Dominic Lunn1, Rachel B Bigley1, Hongyao Yu2, Jiajia Wang2, Megan Smith3, Ellen Gillett4, Sandra Muroy5, Emily Wilson1, Kenneth A Field6, DeeAnn M Reeder6, Malcom Maden7, Michael M Yartsev5, Frank Grutzner4, Thomas S Scanlan8, Frederic Flamant9, Rochelle Buffenstein3, Guang Hu2, Jeffrey E Olgin1, Guo N Huang1 (1.CVRI & Dept of Phy, Univ of California, San Francisco, 2.National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, 3.Calico Life Sciences, 4.Univ of Adelaide, 5.UC Berkeley, 6.Bucknell Univ, 7.Univ of Florida, 8.Oregon Health & Science Univ, 9.Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1)

Regeneration, Heart, Heart regeneration, Thyroid hormone, Vertebrates

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