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[2PW1-09-2(3P-0263)] Focal adhesions serve a platform for mechanical crosstalk between microtubules and actomyosin cytoskeleton

〇Yukako Nishimura1, Nisha Bte Mohd Rafiq1,3, Sergey V Plotnikov2, Visalatchi Thiagarajan1, Zhen Zhang1, Meenubharathi Natarajan1, Gareth E Jones3, Pakorn Kanchanawong1,4, Alexander D Bershadsky1,5 (1.MBI, Singapore, 2.Dept of Cell and Syst Biol, Univ of Toronto, 3.Randall Cent for Cell & Mol Biophy, KCL, 4.Dept of Biomed Eng, NUS, 5.Dept of Mol Cell Biol, WIS)

Focal adhesions, Microtubules, Actin, Myosin, Rho GTPases

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