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[3P-0075(3AW-07-5)] Structural basis of stabilization mechanism of LUBAC, a ligase for linear-ubiquitination

〇Akira Tokunaga1, Hiroaki Fujita2, Erik Walinda2, Izuru Ohki1, Mariko Ariyoshi3, Hidehito Tochio4, Kazuhiro Iwai2, Masahiro Shirakawa1 (1.Dept of Mol Eng, Grad Sch of Eng, Univ of Kyoto, 2.Dept of Med Sci, Grad Sch of Med, Univ of Kyoto, 3.Grad Sch of Frontier Biosci, Univ of Osaka, 4.Dept of Biol Sci, Grad Sch of Sci, Univ of Kyoto)

LUBAC, HOIP, HOIL-1L, SHARPIN, linear ubiquitin chains

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