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[3P-0233] Effects on mitochondria by GC7, a potent inhibitor of deoxyhypusine synthase

〇Ken Matsumoto1,2, Rumi Kurokawa1, Mohammad Tariq1, Takehiro Suzuki3, Naoshi Dohmae3, Akihiro Ito1,4, Minoru Yoshida1,2 (1.Chem. Genomics Res. Group, RIKEN CSRS, 2.Seed Cpds Explor. Unit Drug Discov., RIKEN CSRS, 3.Biomol. Charact. Unit., RIKEN CSRS, 4.Sch. of Life Sci., Tokyo Univ. of Pharm. and Life Sci.)

mitochondria, hypusine, translation, eIF5A, proteome

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