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[3P-0539] First evidence of West Nile virus circulation in Zambia

〇Yasuko Orba1, Wallaya Phongphaew1, Shintaro Kobayashi 2, Herman M Chambaro1, Michihito Sasaki1, Yuki Eshita3, Bernard M Hang’ombe6, Aaron S Mweene6, Hirofumi Sawa1,5,4 (1.Div of Mol Pathobiol, Research Center for Zoonosisn Control, Hokkaido Univ, 2.Lab of Public Health, Faculty of Vet Med, Hokkaido Univ, 3.Hokudai Center for Zoonosis Control in Zambia, 4.GI-CoRE, Hokkaido Univ, 5.Global Virus Network, 6.School of Vet Med, Univ of Zambia)

Virus, mosquito, Infectious disease

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