The Japan Society of Applied Physics

[A-1-4] Achieving Band Edge Effective Work Function of Gate First Metal Gate by Oxygen Anneal Processes: Low Temperature Oxygen Anneal (LTOA) and High Pressure Oxygen Anneal (HPOA) Processes

C. S. Park, S. C. Song, C. Burham, H. B. Park, H. Niimi, B. S. Ju, J. Barnett, C. Y. Kang, P. Lysaght, G. Bersuker, R. Choi, H. K. Park, H. Hwang, B. H. Park, S. Kim, P. Kirsch, B. H. Lee, R. Jammy (1.UT/Austin, 2.Samsung Assignee, 3.TI Assignee, 4.GIST, Korea, 5.Poongsan Microtec, 6.IBM Assignees)