IDW '21 will feature 256 papers, including 3 keynote addresses, 137 invited presentations, 81 oral presentations, and 35 lightning talk presentations. In addition, late-news papers will be arranged.

IDW is composed of Workshops (WSs) categorized by display technology and Topical Session (TS). WSs and TS jointly run sessions with specially featured topics as Special Topic of Interest (STI). 

Special Topics of Interest on

  • AR/VR and Hyper Reality
  • Automotive Displays
  • Micro/Mini LEDs
  • Quantum Dot Technologies

Topical Session on

  •  Artificial Intelligence and Smart Society

Workshops on

  • LC Science and Technologies
  • Active Matrix Displays
  • FPD Manufacturing, Materials and Components
  • Inorganic Emissive Display and Phosphors
  • OLED Displays and Related Technologies
  • 3D/Hyper-Realistic Displays and Systems
  • Applied Vision and Human Factors
  • Projection and Large-Area Displays and Their Components
  • Electronic Papers
  • MEMS and Emerging Technologies for Future Displays and Devices
  • Display Electronic Systems
  • Flexible Electronics
  • Touch Panels and Input Technologies

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Use the left menu to find the list of exciting sessions and speakers categorized in WS and TS sessions and STI sessions. Keynote addresses and Special Events can also be found in the menu on the left. 

Virtual Conference

IDW '21 will be held virtually via the Zoom platform. All the live sessions will be recorded and become available on-demand shortly after the session ends. This will be accessible to the conference attendees from around the world to watch anytime, anywhere until late January 2022.
All the proceedings, the links to the webinar, and the presentation video will be open to the registered conference attendees from December 1, 2021, on the Online Program site.

Format of Presentation

IDW '21 consists of two presentation styles: "Oral" and "Lightning Talk".

  • Oral:15 or 35-min. the pre-recorded video presentation and Live Q&A in the session
  • Lightning Talk: 5-min. pre-recorded video presentation and text Q&A

[New Activities for 2021]

Enhanced Discussion, an optional presentation offers presenters opportunities to facilitate face-to-face discussions with attendees using individual virtual discussion rooms. Conference attendees will have a chance to see additional presentation slides and videos of concepts, prototypes, and products related to presentations.


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