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63rd Annual Meeting of JPI's Abstracts are now available to the public.

(2021/07/26 2:17 PM)


Extended Abstracts of each presentation are available as pdf files on this site.
Currently, this service is only available for registered participants.
If you have not registered, you can view them for a fee. If you wish to view the abstracts, please contact the secretariat.

(2021/05/26 4:24 PM)

The poster session, P14, has been cancelled due to the convenience of the presenter.

(2021/05/24 9:07 AM)

【タイムテーブル】または【プログラム】-「セッション一覧」と進み,個別にプログラム番号を選択し,各ファイルが閲覧できます。プログラム内には大会当日のZoom URLにリンクしているアイコンも表示されています。

Extended abstracts (pdf files) and Poster presentation materials (short-video files or graphical abstracts) are now available.
You can view each file by going to [Timetable] or [Program] - [Session List] and selecting the individual program number. In the program, you will also find an icon that links to the Zoom URL on the day of the conference.

(2021/05/20 9:06 AM)

The pre-open of this site has been closed and it is only open to registered and invited participants.
If you would like to participate in the 63rd Annual Meeting of JPI, please register in advance.
The secretariat has sent IDs to registered participants by e-mail. Please contact us if you have not received the e-mail.

(2021/05/14 7:15 PM)

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