*All presentation time schedule will be along with Japan Standard Time (JST).

Please check a web clock to check the local time in Japan from here

*Accepted abstracts will be available on the first day of the conference, 0:00 (JST), September 5, 2023. A password is required to download abstracts, which will be provided in the Advance Program handed out at the registration desk.


Latest Announcement

SSDM2023 app has been released.

What you can do:
・Search for lecture information
・Add Sessions to your Schedule
・Create your own schedule and download as PDF
・Add notes to each Presentation

This function requires login. If you do not have an account, please access the following URL and click "Create my account" to register a new account.

The registered schedule can be synchronized between websites and apps, multiple devices
such as iPhone and iPad.

When the "Data Update Information"button is displayed,
the latest data has been released so please download it.
Please take this opportunity to download our new app.

(2023/08/30 4:22 PM)

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