20th Asian Bioceramics Symposium


Welcome to the ABC2022


Congress President

Masamoto Tafu, Dr. Eng.

Professor, Advisor to the President (Promotion and Advancement of Reserach)
National Instite of Technology (KOSEN), Toyama College, Japan.

First of all, we would like to express our condolences for all the victims of COVID-19 across the world. Many essential workers are busy working as frontline staff. All their efforts to tackle this global crisis should be highly respected. The ongoing COVID-19 problem has drastically changed people’s lifestyle. We heartfully wish for an early resolution to bring life back to normal.

Welcome to the 20th Asian Bioceramics Symposium (ABC2022).

The Asian Bioceramics Symposium (ABC) was first held in Tokyo in 2001 with the aim of sharing research activities and promoting academic exchange through a network of researchers on the field of bioceramics in Asian countries and the Division of Ceramics in Medicine, Biology and Biomimetics, The Ceramic Society of Japan. After that, the symposium was held alternately in Japan and other Asian countries, with the 19th meeting held in Taoyuan, Taiwan in 2019. The 20th meeting scheduled to be held in Vietnam in 2020, but this was postponed due to the pandemic of the COVID-19. As the restrictions on activities are being eased, we have decided to hold the 20th ABC in Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture, in December 2022, and to proceed with preparations for the 21st ABC in Vietnam in 2023.

Toyama City has long flourished in the pharmaceutical industry, and has also developed in the manufacture of glass used for medicine containers. However, many of Toyama City's factories were destroyed in the air raids of World War II and were replaced by plastic containers. After that, Toyama City have promoted fosterd glass artists, and established the Toyama Glass Art Museum in 2015. Since glass is one of the most important materials in the fields of artificial bones and dental materials, and since 2022 is the International Year of Glass (IYOG2022) designated by the United Nations, holding the ABC2022 in Toyama, a city of glass, in this memorable year will greatly contribute to enhancing the presence of Toyama, which has prospered not only in the bioceramics industry, but also in the pharmaceutical industry. I am convinced that holding ABC2022 in Toyama, a city of glass, in this commemorative year will greatly contribute to enhancing the presence of Toyama, which has prospered not only in bioceramics but also in pharmaceutical industry.
Through this symposium, we hope to promote the development of bioceramics not only in the medical field but also in a wide range of applications, and to give back to society.


We apologize that the presenter except Japan will make oral and poster presentations on the ABC2022 via online session. Instead, the presenter staying in Japan will be expected to meet onsite. We hope to make fruitful discussions in winter Toyama City.

Thank you.