2017 Annual Meeting

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IV. Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Nuclear Materials » 405-1 Radioactive Waste Management

[2L16-20] Vitrification 3

Tue. Mar 28, 2017 4:05 PM - 5:25 PM Room L (16-503 Building No.16)

Chair: Hirohide Kofuji (JAEA)

4:50 PM - 5:05 PM

[2L19] Reduction and Resource Recycling of High-level Radioactive Wastes through Nuclear Transmutation

Decomposition of Vitrified Wastes and Elution Behavior of Simulated Nuclides in Acidic Aqueous System

*Koichiro Takao1, Takahiro Mori1, Akihiro Uehara2, Yasuhisa Ikeda1 (1. TokyoTech, 2. Kyoto Univ.)

Keywords:Vitrified wastes, Acid treatment, Elution, ImPACT program

To separate long-lived fission products from vitrified high-level wastes, we studied decomposition of glass matrix and elution behavior of simulated nuclides in acidic aqueous system. As a result, 35 wt% of the glass sample was lost after the treatment with acid, corresponding to dissolution of main components of the glass (B, Ca, Al, Zn, Na, and Li) except for SiO2. Furthermore, most simulated nuclides were found to be significantly eluted from the glass sample.