2020 Fall Meeting

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IV. Nuclear Plant Technologies » 403-1 Risk Assessment Technology, Application of Risk Information

[1L01-06] External PRA

Wed. Sep 16, 2020 10:00 AM - 11:45 AM Room L (Zoom room 12)

Chair:Takahiro Kuramoto(NEL)

11:15 AM - 11:30 AM

[1L06] Development of Seismic-Tsunami PRA methodology

Part 6: Conclusion and Insight from Development of Seismic-Tsunami PRA Methodology

*Hitoshi Muta1, Yasuki Ohtori1, Ryu Harada1, Hirohisa Yamakawa1 (1. Tokyo City University)

Keywords:Seismic-Tsunami PRA, DQFM Methodology, Seismic-Tsunami Hazard, Water Tight Doors

The review results of the development of Seismic-Tsunami PRA code including fragility analysis and accident sequence analysis based on DQFM methodology, and trial analysis using developed analysis code are presented.
And CDF analysis results using the hazard analysis results based on the seismic-tsunami hazard evaluation methodology shown in Part 5 along with the Seismic-Tsunami PRA code are presented and discussed. Moreover, presenting the results and insights from sensitivity analyses of installation of water tight doors in a reactor building and the others, the applicability and feasibility of the developed methodology and analysis code are shown.