2020 Fall Meeting

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V. Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Nuclear Materials » 501-2 Nuclear Fuel and the Irradiation Behavior

[2E14-18] Evaluation of severe accident and Cs behavior

Thu. Sep 17, 2020 4:25 PM - 5:50 PM Room E (Zoom room 5)

Chair:Masayoshi Uno(Univ. of Fukui)

5:25 PM - 5:40 PM

[2E18] Basic evaluation of the release of cesium compounds from simulated fuel pellets

*Takuma Fujiwara1, Yuji Arita1 (1. Univ. of Fukui)

Keywords:Cs compounds, High Volatile FPs, Emission behavior

The analysis of fission product release in the SA analysis code treats the release rate element by element and does not consider the chemical form of fission products, suggesting a large uncertainty in the analysis. In this study, we focused on Cs compounds, which are highly volatile FPs, in order to investigate their release behavior from the fuel pellet.