2021 Fall Meeting

Manual for Online

Manual for Online
Manual for Online (Updated from time to time)

After you have joined the meeting, please change your display name following the guidance below:

Oral presentation:
1.    Presenter: presentation number_fullname_affiliation
e.g.) 1X01_Tom Smith_AESJ
2.    Chairperson: presentation number_fullname_affilication
e.g.) 1X01-03_Tom Smith_AESJ
3.    Attendee: fullname_affiliation
Tom Smith_AESJ
Planning Lecture:
1.    Presenter: session number_fullname_affiliation
e.g.) 1X_PL01_Tom Smith_AESJ
2.    Chairperson or Session administrator: session number_fullname_affilication
e.g.) 1X_PL_Tom Smith_AESJ
3.    Attendee: fullname_affiliation
e.g.) Tom Smith_AESJ