AESJ 2022 Fall meeting will be held in-person

AESJ 2022 Fall meeting will be held as in-person event at Hitachi Campus, Ibaraki University. We will take necessary measures to prevent infections to COVID-19.

We may switch back to online meeting in case the situation around COVID-19 worsens, such as the declaration of State of Emergency or call of Quasi-State of Emergency by the Japanese government.

Please check this page regularly for any updates or changes to the operation of the 2022 Fall meeting.

Others to note:
- Meeting registration is available during two periods, Early Registration and Late Registration. Late Registration is available until the meeting ends.
- Only credit card payment via the meeting website is acceptable during the Late Registration period.
- Those who have not completed the registration at the time of reception, you may use your own device to register and process credit card payment online.
- We will NOT accept any cash at the reception.
- Meeting program will not be printed.
- Reception party and tour will not be held.

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