2023 Fall Meeting

How to Use Projector

There is a projector available for presentation.
Please read the description below beforehand to conduct presentation smoothly.

Please note these when you use the projector.
  • Please bring your own computer.
  • Preparation time of the projector is included to presentation time. Please prepare your computer during previous presentation. We don’t help you preparing computer.
  • Please check if your computer works well in unoccupied time such as before session, lunch break, after planning lecture, and so on.
  • The following cables and adapters are available only for venues with VGA (RGB) projector terminals.
    • two VGA cables (D-Sub15pin mini) <CAC-30BK>
    • one HDMI-VDA converting adapter <VV-HDAVGA-W-DO>
however, we cannot ensure performance. If you are anxious of the performance of the cables, or you are using different terminal, you can bring your own cable.
  • Please don’t take the equipment out.
  • Please take care of cables, adapters, etc. that you bring with you. We are not responsible for any loss.