2023 Annual Meeting

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Fuji Electric Co.,Ltd.

Fuji Electric Co.,Ltd.

SIAL® is a geopolymer used for field of radioactive waste, and it is possible to solidify same way as the solidification of cement. It is able to solidify the spent ion exchange resin, simulated sludge, incineration ash, oil, concentrated liquid waste which are difficult to solidify by cement. Geopolymer is a general term formed by polycondensation of inorganic aluminosilicate components and it is attracting interest due to the confinement effect of cesium. SIAL® was developed by AllDeco Ltd (currently: Jacobs Nuclear Slovakia) and SIAL is first solidification material applied for radioactive waste disposal in the world. It acquired licence as the solidification meaterial of radioactive waste disposal from Slovakia Nuclear Regulator (UJD SR) in 2003 and Czech Nuclear Regulator (SUJB) in 2006. Fuji is proceeding development of SIAL® application of radioactive waste in Japan and currently conducting solidification of 200 litters drum in the laboratory at Kawasaki. Moreover, Fuji conducted first time in Japan to demonstrate of the solidification of the actual filter sludge and ion exchange coming from nuclear power plant, and it is already confirmed that it shows well characteristics of Kd and compressive strength as the waste body.
In this exhibition, we are introducing the following items: The process of disposal of radioactive waste and experiences in Slovakia. The characteristics of SIAL® : working time from viscosity after kneading, the outside and inside temperature of waste body itself, the result of solidification experiments from the nuclear power plant in Japan.
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