2023 Annual Meeting

Reception information -QR Check in-

To manage the attendees, and check in the attendance smoothly,
we use QR code registration system.
All the participants who have already paid the attendance fee need to
show the QR code at the reception counter for check in.
How to Check in
  1. After paying the attendance fee, log into “Confit Account” and click ”Click here to perform each procedure or update the information” button.
    QR code for check in will be shown on the bottom of the screen (for PC, on the right side of the screen).
    If you register participation and pay the fee, we will send you an email to inform you about QR code.
  2.  At the reception, please show the QR code. If you use your smartphone to show the QR code, please make the screen bright so that we can scan the QR code smoothly. You may print QR code.
  3. A staff will scan the QR code and check the information you registered at the application of participance.
  4. The staff will give you a badge.
    You cannot enter the venue without the badge, so please make sure to bring the badge always during the meeting.
    If you need, we can provide a folder for the badge. Please ask us at the reception. Please note that the number of the folders are limited so if possible, please bring it by your own.
Please Note:
You can’t pay the registration fee at the reception counter.
If you come to the reception counter without registering the participation, you need to finish all the procedure of registration at the venue with your PC or smartphone.
If you are planning to attend the meeting, please make sure to register the participation and pay the fee beforehand.

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