The 87th ECSJ Spring Meeting

Application of the Presentation

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Speakers  should be ECSJ Individual Member, ECSJ Student Member.


 Submit Period

Nov. 5th,2019~ 23:00 (JST) Dec. 10th,2019


Symposium Information
only oral presentation.

 S1.<New Development of Solution Chemistry>

 S2.<Molecularly Functionalized Electrodes – Fundamentals and Applications>
 S3.<Photoelectrochemistry and Energy Conversion >
New Trend in Electron Transfer Chemistry of Organic Molecules and Materials  >
 S5.< Life Science and Electrochemistry >

Advanced research and development of molten salts chemistry and technology

 S7.< Fundamental and Application of Solid Chemistr-Synthesis, Properties, and Reactivity of Solid Materials. >
 S8.<New Aspects of Battery Technology>

   S9.<Development of Fuel Cells from Materials to Systems>
 S10. <Evolution of New Technologies in Advanced Capacitors>
 S11.<Novel Development of Electrolytic Technologies>

   S12.<Corrosion Science and Surface Control Engineering Supporting Social Infrastruct >
 S13.<The Latest Development in Chemical Sensors >
 S14.<The state of the art in fabrication of micro- and nano-structured materials and devices>
<New development on chromogenic materials>
 S16.< Structure and Dynamics on Nano-scale Interface and Surface >
 S17.<Symposium of  Technology and education for the Future>
 S18.<New Development of Storage Technology for Electric Energy >
 S 19.< Electronic Materials and nano functional devices >

General academic

3.Materials and devices
How to present

1)General presentation

   15 minutes (including 2 minutes for question-and-answer session and 1 minutes to prepare)

2)Student presentation ※Student Member Only 
   15 minutes (including 2 minutes for question-and-answer session and 1 minutes to prepare)

3)Special Session
  30-45 minutes (including question-and-answer)

4)Invite Session
  30-45 minutes (including question-and-answer)

Please operate LCD projector by yourself.

Please bring your own PC with you for presentation. 


  Deadline: January 21st(tue),2020

  • Please create with A4 paper 1 page using the following Microsoft Word template.  
  • Please convert Word file to PDF.
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