GISA & IAG'i 2023

Information for presenters

Please note the following information regarding the presentation environment at the conference venue.

[Oral Presentations]
Please arrive at each room at least 10 minutes before the session starts and inform the moderator that you are in the room.

Only HDMI will be available for connection to the projectors. No conversion adapters will be provided. It is recommended to check the connection before the session starts.

[Poster Presentations]
Poster presentations will be divided into two sessions: Session P1 on Saturday, 28th and Session P2 on Sunday, 29th. Please confirm your presentation date.

Poster size
  A0 portrait (1189 mm (H) x 841 mm (W)) or less

Attachment method
  Wappon (adhesive stickers) or magnets will be provided at the venue.
Poster Exhibition Hours
  28th (Sat) 8:10 - 17:00
  29th (Sun) 8:10 - 14:10
Please remove your posters before the end of the exhibition hours, as they may be collected after the exhibition hours.

Poster Sessions (Core Time)
  28th (Sat): 12:40-13:40
  29th (Sun): 13:00-14:00