Symposium Information

ISAP (International Society for Asphalt Pavement) is the most prestigious international organization to promote asphalt pavement technologies. The Technical Committee on Asphalt Pavement and Environment (APE) is one of the technical committees in ISAP and hosts this Symposium together with ISAP APE Symposium 2017 Organizing Committee in Japan Road Association Pavement Committee.

The APE Symposium provides a stage for exchanging information on a wide variety of topics related to asphalt pavements and environment. The Symposium has already been organized three times, 1st in Zurich, Switzerland, 2nd in Fortaleza, Brazil, 3rd in Sun City, South Africa, and the 4th Symposium will be held in Tokyo, Japan, for the first time in Asia.

The 4th Symposium will be held in conjunction with the Highway Technology Fair 2017 which is one of the big technology exhibitions on road maintenance in Asia. The Fair will present many good examples of pavement technology.

Pavement recycling technologies in Japan have about 50 years of history and new technologies such as cold pavements are also developed in view of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo in 2020.

The Symposium in 2017 will provide a very good opportunity to exchange the experience and new approaches on the positive effect of pavements on the environment and will foster progress and dissemination of sustainable pavement technologies in Asia and the rest of the world.