12th JBF Symposium


In 2011, the Japan Bioanalysis Forum was established to contribute to the development of medicine and analytical chemistry through the improvement of technology and quality related to bioanalysis under the circumstances where it is necessary to respond to the global harmonization of Bioanalytical Method Validation (BMV).

The "Draft ICH guideline M10" created in 2019 is for the latest trends in bioanalytical method validation. In the future, bioanalytical regulations will be promoted global harmonization by the ICH guideline. But having said that, the modalities of pharmaceutical products are diversifying, and innovation in bioanalytical methods is expected. For this reason, human resources will become increasingly important for future bioanalysis. Therefore, it is expected that he expectation to the academic labs will leap. Then, improvement of the recognition of "the bioanalysis" is necessary.

We considered providing "An opportunity for young researchers in bioanalysis (Include students)" and " An opportunity to discuss new frontiers of bioanalysis". Therefore the 12th JBF symposium will be held under the theme of "For the Next Generation". From such a viewpoint, we are planning such as topics of pharmacokinetics research and the biomarker analysis related bioanalysis. Moreover, we have discussions on middle molecules analysis, patient centricity, gene / cancer genomic medicine for a future of bioanalysts.
Under COVID-19 crisis, we hope that this symposium will be safe and benefitable for bioanalysts to recognize the global harmonization and to think about future to bioanalysis.
January 2021
The 12th JBF Symposium
Chair Hitoshi Uchiyama
[Towa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.]
Vice Chair Takeru Yamaguchi
[Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.]