13th JBF Symposium


We are delighted to announce that the 13th JBF (Japan Bioanalysis Forum) Symposium will be held from February 28th to March 2nd, 2022. We are planning to hold the Symposium both online and physically in Himeji city, Hyogo prefecture.
Although it is our plan to hold the Symposium physically, the COVID-19 outbreak shows no sign of subsiding, and trajectory of the pandemic still remains unpredictable to a very large extent.
Thus, in order to ensure the safety of our participants and attendees, we may have to decide to limit the symposium to online only depending on the situation of the pandemic.
We were unable to hold physical JBF Symposium for the past 2 years due to the outbreak of the pandemic. Therefore, we hope and wish that the circumstances will make it possible for us to hold the 13th JBF Symposium physically as planned, and to provide opportunities for all participants and attendees to engage in stimulating discussions.
Despite the disruption of educational and economic activities under the corona virus pandemic, scientists and researchers worldwide are making their best efforts to develop vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostic devices to combat diseases. And although many of research development nowadays focus on the COVID-19, research development for the treatment of other diseases is also underway.
People from diverse backgrounds; namely, academia, pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment manufacturers and CROs attend the Symposium every year. Our background may not be the same, but we believe that our goal is the same, which is, “to deliver more effective pharmaceuticals to patients as quickly as possible”. That is why we have selected “All for One Goal” as theme for this year’s Symposium. For the 13th JBF Symposium, we hope to introduce information on the latest research developments presented by professors in various fields/organizations, and stimulate interesting discussions among attendees. We strongly believe that this Symposium can be a great opportunity for the attendees to come one step closer to achieving their own goal.
The Japan Bioanalysis Forum, whose principal mission is to make contribution to the advancement of medical and analytical chemistry by improving the bioanalytical technology and quality, was founded in 2011.
This year marks the 10th anniversary of its establishment, and your unending support of JBF does not go unnoticed.
To make this year even more special, we will look back on the past 10 years during the Symposium. We are also planning to provide sessions which include interesting information on state of the art technologies, such as bioanalysis in new drug modalities and the COVID-19 initiatives.
Again, we look forward to meeting you all, who are involved in bioanalysis, and who are working towards the same goal as us at the Japan Bioanalysis Forum in person.
October 2021
Executive committee co-chair of the 13th JBF Symposium
 Takeru YAMAGUCHI (Sumika Chemical Analysis Service, Ltd.)
      Yumi NISHIGUCHI (CMIC Pharma Science Co., Ltd.)