Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2019

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[S-IT23] Structure and Dynamics of Earth and Planetary Mantles

Sun. May 26, 2019 5:15 PM - 6:30 PM Poster Hall (International Exhibition Hall8, Makuhari Messe)

convener:Takashi Nakagawa(Department of Earth Sciences, The University of Hong Kong), Takashi Yoshino(Institute for Planetary Materials, Okayama University), Dapeng Zhao(Department of Geophysics, Tohoku University)

[SIT23-P11] Effect of impurity on post-post-perovskite transition of MgSiO3 by first principles

*Koichiro Umemoto1 (1.Earth-Life Science Institute, Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Keywords:super-Earth, post-post-perovskite transition, first principles

Several computational studies have predicted post-post-perovskite transitions in MgSiO3 at ultrahigh pressures and temperatures which can occur at deep interiors of super-Earths: MgSiO3 --> Mg2SiO4+ MgSi2O5 --> Mg2SiO4+ SiO2 --> MgO + SiO2) and recombination (MgO + MgSiO3 --> Mg2SiO4 or SiO2 + MgSiO3 --> MgSi2O5) [1-5]. As demonstrated in a very recent numerical simulation, these transitions are crucially important in modeling interiors of super-Earths up to 20 times Earth’s mass [6]. However, in the previous studies, these post-post-perovskite transitions were considered only for pure Mg-Si-O. In actual super-Earths, impurities, Fe, Al, or so forth, should exist. Here we will investigate effects of impurities on post-post-perovskite transitions: transition pressures, local atomic structures, and equation of states.

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