Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2021

Lounge Space

  Lounge Space                                       

【Lounge Space】 Click HERE to enter the room.

We've prepared “oVice” for a lounge space, where anyone attendinfg the meeting can drop by freely to communicate with another participant  through conversations and meetings. Please feel free to use it. 
The site is open until the last day of the meeting (June 6).
*[Period extended!] The lounge space can be used until June 20 (Sun). Please continue to enjoy the exchange.

Capacity: 500 people.

How to enter:
You can enter the space by entering your name without membership registration.

How to use:
You can move around your avatar (icon) freely. When you approach other people's avatars, you will hear their voices, and you can talk to them or discuss with them by sharing your screen. For detailed instructions, please refer to the official manual .