The 65th Annual Meeting of Jpn. Petrol. Inst. (The 71st R&D Symposium of JPI)

Outline of the 65th annual meeting

Day 2nd / Tue., May 30
The 27th JPIJS Poster sess.(11:30-16:00)
JPI President's remarks(15:10-15:15)
President of JPI Dr. Atsushi MURAMATSU
Award lecture-The Japan Petroleum Institute Award(15:15-15:45)
"Study on preparation and function of supported metal catalysts and catalyst matrix for petroleum refining"
Atsushi ISHIHARA (Prof., Mie Univ.)
Special lectures(16:00-18:00)
 "Future mobility"(16:00-17:00)                        
 Yoshiaki KATO (CEO, Techno Revolutions LLC)
"Industry and energy sectors are also involved in the nitrogen issue as a tradeoff between nitrogen use and nitrogen pollution"(17:00-18:00)  
Kentaro HAYASHI (Prof., Research Institute for Humanity and Nature/
Senior Principal Scientist, National Agriculture & Food Research Organization, Japan)

Day 2nd / Tue., May 30
Invited lectures(13:00-14:00)
"Moving on synthetic fuels, especially in Europe" (Room-A,13:00-13:30)
Kazuhiro Inamura (Energy Information and Global Affairs Dept.,
Japan Petroleum Energy Center (JPEC))
"Energy crisis and energy security(Room-A, 13:30-14:00)
Ryuzo YAMAMOTO (Emeritus Prof., Tokoha Univ.)
Award lectures-The Japan Petroleum Institute Award for Distinguished Papers
"Lactic acid production from glucose over heterogeneous catalysts under base-free conditions  (Room-C, 14:15-14:45)
Tetsuya SHISHIDO (Prof., Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.)

Development of synthetic route for Fe-substituted MWW-type zeolites using mechanochemical method (Room-C, 16:00-16:30)
Ryota OSUGA (Assistant Prof., Hokkaido Univ.)
Award Lectures-The Japan Petroleum Institute Award for Technological Progress
"Energy efficiency improvement of large-process plants via mathematical optimization" (Room-C, 10:00-10:30)
Hiroshi TAKASE (Chief of HERO Buisiness, Toyo Engineering Corp.)
"Development of ammonia utilization gas turbine combined cycle system for carbon neutral society" (Room-A,10:30-11:00)
Masakazu NOSE (Engineering Manager, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.)
Award Lectures-The Japan Petroleum Institute Award for Encouragement of Research and Development
"Development of solid acid catalysts for synthesis of useful chemicals from saccharides"(Room-C,14:45-15:15)
 Ryoichi OTOMO (Assoc. Prof., Hokkaido Univ.)

"Development of technology for synthesis of carbonates, carbamates, and urea derivatives using carbon dioxide"(Room-A,15:30-16:00)
Katsuhiko TAKEUCHI
(Senior Researcher, Natioinal Inst. of Adv. Ind. Sci. and Tech.)

"Development of carbon-supported metal nanoparticle catalysts for dehydrogenation of formic acid and hydrogenation of polyols"
(Room-B, 9:30-10:00)
Hiroyasu FUJITSUKA (Assistant Prof., Kyoko Univ.)
"Study on fuel composition to reduce CO2 by expanding the lean limit of super lean burn gasoline engines"(Room-A, 11:00-11:30)

"Analysis of the formation process of soluble carbon precursor and its application to liquid-phase carbon coating"(Room-C,10:45-11:15)
Syun GOHDA (Assistant Manager, Nippon Shokubai Co., Ltd.)
The 71st R&D Symp. of JPI(9:30-17:30)
     Detailed program