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[1L3] [General Session] 12. HI / Education Aid

Tue. Jun 5, 2018 5:20 PM - 6:40 PM Room L (3F Sapphire Hall Asuka)

座長:曽我 真人(和歌山大学)

5:20 PM - 5:40 PM

[1L3-01] Development of Logical Thinking Training System by Proving Mathematical Problems

〇Kayo Kawamoto1,2, Minatsu Furutani1, Ayako Miyawaki1, Tomoyuki Uchida1, Tsukasa Hirashima2, Yusuke Hayashi2 (1. Hiroshima City University, 2. Hiroshima University)

Keywords:Logical Thinking Training System, Mathematical Proving Problem, Application on Android Tablet

Logical thinking ability is one of the most important abilities in our daily life situations. In this paper, we propose logical thinking training systems to improve logical thinking abilities of high school students and college students by using proving mathematical problems. We show that the proposed systems implemented on Android tablets are effective for improving logical thinking abilities of college students by reporting experimental results and questionnaire.