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General Session » [GS] J-3 Data mining

[4P2-J-3] Data mining: spaciotemporal data

Fri. Jun 7, 2019 12:00 PM - 1:40 PM Room P (Front-left room of 1F Exhibition hall)

Chair:Kimihiro Mizutani Reviewer:Masayuki Otani

1:20 PM - 1:40 PM

[4P2-J-3-05] Office Layout Optimization by Moving Cost Estimation Using Entry and Exit Data

〇masahiro niwa1, seidai kojima1, hayato ishigure1, astuko mutoh1, koichi moriyama1, nobuhiro inuzuka1 (1. Nagoya Institute of Technology)

Keywords:Office Layout Optimization, Entry and Exit Data, Moving Cost Estimation

Recently, method of office layout optimization have been studied so that workers can work comfortably and efficiently.In this paper, we propose a method of office layout optimization that workers can efficiently move using entry and exit data.We also propose a method for estimating the moving cost to be used at that time.On the basis of these proposals, we optimize the office layout using actual entry and exit data, and show the layout plan.