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International Session

International Session (Work in progress) » EW-1 Knowledge engineering

[1N4-IS-1a] Knowledge engineering (1/3)

Tue. Jun 8, 2021 5:20 PM - 7:00 PM Room N (IS room)

Chair: Akinori Abe (Chiba University)

6:00 PM - 6:20 PM

[1N4-IS-1a-03] A Computational Framework for Studying the Co-Creative Communication as a Bridge Between Individual and Social Creativity

〇Guanhong Li1, Xiaoyun Guo1, Takashi Hashimoto1 (1. Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

Keywords:individual creativity, social creativity, co-creative communication, misunderstanding, computational framework

To increase creativity at a societal level for realizing a Creative Society, we need to investigate the gap between individual creativity and social creativity. This study aims to provide a computational framework for investigating the link between these two levels of creativity in terms of co-creative communication. We consider co-creative communication as the communication emphasizing a potentiality to increase the diversity of value consciousness, which should be a source of social creativity. We also argue that a defining characteristic of co-creative communication is the presence of misunderstanding, usually defined as a mismatch among interlocutors’ understanding of a message, and that individual creativity may bring misunderstanding in communication. Our framework comprises multiple agents; each has its individual creativity and a sense of values. Agents communicate with neighbors. A misunderstanding may occur according to the interlocutors’ individual creativity and the difference in values. Communication outcome affects the changes of their values and social diversity of values. This framework applies to studies of Creative Society from a perspective of interpersonal communication.

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