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[2Xin5] インタラクティブ1

Wed. Jun 9, 2021 5:20 PM - 7:00 PM Room X (Poster room 1)

[2Xin5-13] Development of a word learning support environment with experience in a virtual world

〇Kosuke Kimoto1, Masato Soga2 (1.Graduate School of Wakayama University, 2.Wakayama University)

Keywords:Learning Support, Virtual Reality, Interaction, Experience

In general, we recognize an object, determine the next action to choose, and execute the optimal action. Then, the state of the object changes, and the cycle of recognizing it is repeated. The repetition of this cycle of interaction between recognition, judgment, and action can be called an experience. Memories that involve experiences are called episodic memories and are more likely to be retained than mere semantic memories. However, in school, what is learned by reading textbooks is only recognition, and thus does not go through the cycle of interaction and is not accompanied by experience. Therefore, we propose a learning support environment that allows a single learner to learn with experience, we use language word learning as the learning content. In order to incorporate the cycle of interaction and action into the learning process, we present the state of an object in VR, and after the learner recognizes it, he or she judges which word to touch on the display in order to change the state of the object to the intended state. If the learner touches the selected word, the state of the object will change according to the meaning of the word. Then, we developed and evaluated a word learning system using VR that incorporates this kind of cycle in learning. As a result, to change the state of the object were useful for deepening the understanding of word meanings through the that cycle and for adding fun to learning.

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