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[3F2-GS-10j] AI応用:QoL

Thu. Jun 10, 2021 11:00 AM - 12:40 PM Room F (GS room 1)

座長:水本 智也(フューチャー(株))

11:00 AM - 11:20 AM

[3F2-GS-10j-01] Developmental Order of Infants' Developmental Stages related to Picture Book Reading: Comparative Analysis on Years of 1996 and 2020

〇Miho Kasamatsu1, Takehito Utsuro1, Yu Saito2, Yumiko Ishikawa3 (1. University of Tsukuba, 2. Seitoku University, 3. Utsunomiya University)

Keywords:picture book, picture book reading, developmental psychology, developmental order, questionnaire survey

In developmental psychology research, there is a specific order of
infants' development, and infants show reactions in accordance with
their developmental stages. Ishikawa and Maekawa (1996) focused on the
relationship between the infants' developmental stages and the
characteristics of picture books or the interaction induced by them.
They showed that there is a specific order of infants' development in
the picture book readings and daily lives. However, their study is
based on the questionnaire survey of the year of 1996. Since 1996,
there have been plenty of changes daily lives of infants and their
relation to picture books. Based on this observation, we conducted
another questionnaire survey in the year of 2020 that is almost the same
as the one of the year of 1996. Then, we compare the results of
analyzing the order of infants' development between the years of 1996
and 2020. It is shown that infants' development that is related to
interest in picture books tends to be observed earlier in 2020 than in
1996. Infants' development that is related to picture book reading with
infants' utterance, on the other hand, does not tend to be observed

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