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[2H6-OS-11b] AIとデモクラシー(2/2)

Wed. Jun 15, 2022 5:20 PM - 7:00 PM Room H (Room H)

オーガナイザ:伊藤 孝行(京都大学)[現地]、大沼 進(北海道大学)、松尾 徳朗(産業技術大学院大学)、白松 俊(名古屋工業大学)

5:20 PM - 6:00 PM

[2H6-OS-11b-01] (OS invited talk) "PoliNeCo!" the Communication Design for Democracy in the 21st Century

Media design to reflect people's intentions to society in a world where the Internet and AI have been implemented.

〇Takashi IWATA1 (1. HammerBird)

Keywords:Democracy, Consensus-Building, Public Opinion, Popular sovereignty

Although the sovereignty, the supreme power, rests with the people, "national debate" has not been realized even today, when the Internet and AI have become commonplace.
If this trend continues, we are in danger of becoming a dystopia called a data-driven society, where data makes people slaves.
In the world of the future, it is essential to build an environment in which people's will prevails over data, in which each individual knows, learns, and thinks about data and facts, rather than preconceived ideas and misunderstandings, and in which people express their will and connect it to the management of society.
The current media such as TV, newspapers, and the Internet do not have such a function. Therefore, a new communication design is essential to realize a democracy in the 21st century. The embodiment of this idea is "PoliNeCo!" (Political Needs Coordinator).
This is a communication design that minimizes the cognitive gap between different positions and reflects people's intentions (public opinion) based on evidence in social management by allowing people to learn about data and facts, study, think, and express their intentions on a browser, and then repeatedly cross-reference the results with the answers of other respondents and parliament members. It is a communication design that connects people's intentions (public opinion) based on evidence in social management.

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