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[2N6-OS-7b] 人間と共生する対話知能(2/2)

Wed. Jun 15, 2022 5:20 PM - 7:00 PM Room N (Room 501)

オーガナイザ:吉川 雄一郎(大阪大学)、東中 竜一郎(名古屋大学)[現地]、新保 史生(慶應義塾大学)

6:20 PM - 6:40 PM

[2N6-OS-7b-04] Speech Act of Dialogue System and the Freedom of Speech

Categorizing Legal Regulatory Factors

〇Shinichiro Harata1 (1. Shizuoka University)

Keywords:Dialogue System, Speech Act, Freedom of Speech, Legal Regulation

In promoting dialogue systems that can coexist with humans, it is important to design dialogue systems so that their "speech acts" conform to and harmonize with the "norms of expression" in human society, both from the perspective of social acceptance and compliance, as well as to build intimate and continuous relationships with humans. In this study, in order to explore the norms of expression that can be applied to dialogue systems, the author attempted to categorize the legal constraints on speech or expression, referring mainly to constitutional theories on "freedom of expression" and its limits. As a result, it was reconfirmed that the criteria for judging the appropriateness of speech depend largely on the intention and nature of the speech (constative or performative), as well as the space and environment in which the speech is made, rather than on the content of the speech itself.

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