The 60th JSAP Spring Meeting,2013


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[1X-1] AET, INC.

Electromagnetic, Charged Particle Dynamics and Plasma Analysis Software, MW STUDIO, PARTICLE STUDIO, VSim(VORPAL), PrismSPECT/ Compact Electron Linear Accelerator (LInac) and High Energy X-ray Gene...

[2A-2] ASICON Tokyo Ltd.

■X線回折格子: X線Talbot(-Lau)干渉計において,吸収像や微分位相コントラスト像を取得するために必要な,高アスペクト比の透過型回折格子。撮像結果を展示予定。

[1E-3] Cascade Microtech, Inc.

150 mm manual probing solutions (application-focused probing packages for RF/mmW, FA, DC parametric and high-power applications), RF/mmW on-wafer probes (RF/mmW probes DC up to 325 GHz, mixed-signa...