The 62nd JSAP Spring Meeting, 2015


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[X-17] Technology Link, Ltd.

(Zaber Technologies from Canada) Built-in controller precision stepper motor stages & linear actuators / (Lika Electronic from Italy)Wide variety of optical & magnetic rotary & linear encoders. (Ne...

[SP-9] Technoport Co., Ltd.

Prevac Co.Ltd.: X-Ray Source, UV Source, ION Source, Vacuum Chamber Highlight, Thickness Monitor Controller, UHV Design Co.Ltd: Magnetic Rotary Drives, Push Pull, Wobble sticks, Z-Stage

[SP-7] TEGA Science, Inc.

Thin Film Deposition System & Components: ◆Nano-particle Source◆RF Atom Source/Ion Source◆E-beam Evaporator◆Thermal Gas Cracker◆Organic Evaporator◆Sputtering source

[T-8] Thermocera Japan Ltd.

nanoPVD Benchtop Reactive RF/DC Sputtering System, nanoCVD Benchtop Turnkey System for Graphene and CNT synthesis, MiniLab series flexible thin film deposition system, Sustrate Heaters