The 78th JSAP Autumn Meeting, 2017

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6 Thin Films and Surfaces » 6.4 Thin films and New materials

[8a-PA2-1~17] 6.4 Thin films and New materials

Fri. Sep 8, 2017 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM PA2 (P)

9:30 AM - 11:30 AM

[8a-PA2-9] Effect of Substrate Temperature on Structural, Optical and Surface Morphological properties of E-beam Evaporated TiO2 Photoelectrode

〇(P)MD Faruk Hossain1, Shigeki Naka2, Hioryuki Okada2 (1.Professor, Dept. of EEE, RUET, Bangladesh, 2.Professor, Dept. of EEE, University of Toyama, Japan)

Keywords:titanium oxide, solar cell, perovskite

Compact TiO2 layer is most promising electron transport layer in solar cell applications. Recently, comparable electronic properties for the TiO2 layers have been achieved to deposit TiO2 by several methods such as atomic layer deposition (ALD), high-pressure pressing, chemical sintering, sol−gel, electron beam evaporation (EBE) and electrodeposition. Among them, EBE is most promising technique because it is most common, versatile and least expensive technology which can produce TiO2 films with good optical and mechanical properties. The TiO2 films were deposited on indium-doped tin oxide (ITO) substrate by EBE system with different substrate temperatures. Perovskite was layered on TiO2 by spin-coating method in N2 environment. For fabrication of solar cell, Spiro-OMeTAD and gold materials were used as hole-transport material and metal contact, respectively.