The 64th JSAP Spring Meeting, 2017

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10 Spintronics and Magnetics » 10.4 Semiconductor spintronics, superconductor, multiferroics

[15a-501-1~10] 10.4 Semiconductor spintronics, superconductor, multiferroics


Wed. Mar 15, 2017 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM 501 (501)

Jun Okabayashi(The Univ. of Tokyo), Takashi Manago(Fukuoka Univ.)

9:15 AM - 9:30 AM

[15a-501-2] High-temperature ferromagnetism in a new n-type Fe-doped ferromagnetic semiconductor (In,Fe)Sb

Tu Thanh Nguyen1, Nam Hai Pham1,2, Duc Anh Le1, Masaaki Tanaka1 (1.Tokyo Univ., 2.Tokyo Tech. Inst.)

Keywords: Ferromagnetic semiconductors, high Curie temperature, semiconductor spintronics

We show high-temperature ferromagnetism in new n-type Fe-doped ferromagnetic semiconductor (In1-x,Fex)Sb (x = 5-16%) thin films grown by low-temperature molecular beam epitaxy. Crystal structure analyses by X-ray diffraction, scanning transmission microscopy and transmission electron diffraction indicate that the (In1-x,Fex)Sb thin films maintain the zinc-blende crystal structure up to x = 16%. Magnetic circular dichroism spectroscopy and anomalous Hall effect measurements indicate intrinsic ferromagnetism in (In,Fe)Sb thin films. The Curie temperature of reaches 350 K for x = 16%, which is the highest values reported so far in intrinsic III-V ferromagnetic semiconductors.

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