The 79th JSAP Autumn Meeting, 2018

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12 Organic Molecules and Bioelectronics » 12.1 Fabrications and Structure Controls

[19p-231C-1~19] 12.1 Fabrications and Structure Controls

Wed. Sep 19, 2018 1:15 PM - 6:15 PM 231C (3F_Lounge1)

Daiki Kuzuhara(Iwate Univ.), Nobuya Hiroshiba(Waseda Univ.)

2:15 PM - 2:30 PM

[19p-231C-5] Fabrication and characterization of metal phthalocyanine thin film by wet process

Miho Doi1, Yutaro Hirai2, Masaki Takeda1, Hiroshi Yabu3, Akito Masuhara1,4 (1.Grad. Sch. of Eng., Yamagata Univ., 2.Grad. Sch. of Eng., Tohoku Univ., 3.WPI-AIMR, Tohoku Univ., 4.ROEL, Yamagata Univ.)

Keywords:Metal phthalocyanine, Wet process, UV irradiate

Phthalocyanine have attracted attention as organic solar cell material due to high stability for chemical and thermal degradation. However, it is difficult to fabricate phthalocyanine thin film by wet process because of its poor solubility. In this study, phthalocyanine thin film is fabricated by two methods. The first one is that well-soluble precursor compounds are spin-coated on substrate and irradiated UV light. The second one is that substrate is immersed in the precursor solution and irradiated UV light. By these method, we have succeeded in fabricating phthalocyanine thin filmwhich is not soluble in organic solvent.